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It's also very CREDIBLE and BELIEVABLE!

Hello World!

Welcome to DrewBerman.com! I appreciate you visiting. After all, a lot of what I’ve done here has been done based on requests from you! I hope it’s to your liking.

What will you find here, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked, in fact. What I’ve found over the years is that there is no single best way to market your business. Some excel in offline, old-school methods while others soar using online methodologies. What I’ve tried to do here is marry both offline and online techniques, keeping up with the times, of course, in such a way as to maximize your potential for success! Plus, we have a load of reviews and product exposure that should help you in your marketing endeavors, be it online or offline.

So there you have it in a nutshell! Jump in! The feeling is fine!

Best to you in all you do!

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As if that wasn’t clear enough – YES! – I want you to but my Book! Why? Because time and again people come to me and ask me the same questions, over and over. So, as a collective answer, I wrote this book and compiled a whole host of answers on topics surrounding both online and offline marketing techniques and tips!


And to ensure that you will not be disappointed, I’m willing to put my time where my mouth is. With the purchase of my book, I’m offering a free consultation. All you have to do is …

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That’s right! You can get in touch with me just about anywhere on the social grid these days! Actually, social media has expanded significantly beyond , Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn these days. In fact, the social grid is absolutely huge. But I need to focus, so I focused on these big guys! I hope to see you here too!

Now, why is it so important to not only be familiar with these social outlets? BECAUSE THAT’S WHERE PEOPLE ARE! If your business was on a street where nobody walked, drove, hung out, etc, how much business do you think you’d have? Well, plop your business on the corner of Main Street and Busytown Road and what do you think will happen? That’s right – lots of traffic! Well, being present in Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn is similar.

Make your social presence known. Be social and watch your business boom!

Best to you in all you do!

The Key to Business Building

Imagine what you can do...

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Add years to your life: Work, stress and your health

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that stress can cause serious health problems and even death. You might be surprised to learn that most of this dangerous stress comes from your job and work ethic.

Video training with Mark Harbert: Become a YouTube master part II

Marketing through videos is an incredibly effective tool to clearly communicate with your target audience. I hope you found value in my previous post about video training with Mark Harbert. If you implement this advice and these skills into your daily marketing strategy, you will achieve your goals. Here is some more advice on how to create quality videos that will make you a YouTube master.

Video training with Mark Harbert: Become a YouTube master

Creating videos is one of the most important strategies you can utilize to connect with...

Facebook content strategy part II: Stimulate interest

Once you have found your voice and identified your target audience, it is important that you stimulate interest among the people you are trying to reach. Experiment and tweak your Facebook content to find what works best.

Facebook content strategy tips: Know your voice

Stef, one of Drew’s other fantastic interns has been learning how to utilize Facebook for maximum engagement and success. She spent time reading training by Pat Parkinson of PostPlanner.com. His articles have helped our team a lot and I know they will help you succeed as well.

Lessons from Amazon: Boost motivation and morale

Through personal experience, I have realized the importance in doing what makes you happy, even if it means taking a risk and trying something new. I have learned that the best motivation comes from empowering yourself. You deserve to be happy and live the life that you want.

Time management, Parkinson’s Law and the Pareto Principle

If you learn the best time management strategies that work for you, you won’t feel like time is always running out. You will be more productive in the time you spend working and you will produce more valuable content.
Parkinson’s Law with regard to time explains that a job often expands to fill the time available to accomplish the task. So, if you set aside three hours to do a task that really only takes 30 minutes, it is entirely possible that you will stretch out the task to actually take three hours. Try to plan your schedule in a realistic way – imagine exactly how long a task should take and allot a specific amount of time to do that task.
The Pareto Principle has an 80-20 rule. 20% of the time expended to do a project produces 80% of the results. Whereas, 80% of the time expended results in only 20% of the outcomes. This speaks volumes about how good we all are at wasting time. The majority of valuable work you produce will be created in only 20% of the amount of time you are working. If you keep this principle in mind, you will be able to manage your time most effectively. No more all-nighters, no more sitting for hours at the computer writing and perfecting a blog post – chances are, the work you produce at the beginning is sufficient and you are essentially wasting your valuable time continuing to work.

How your personality type leads you to success

What is your personality type and what does it say about you? Are you a natural leader?...

Take action: Push yours limits and challenge yourself

I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself. Whether it is physical or mental challenges, you should always be pushing yourself toward new limits. I recently decided that I am going to participate in a triathlon! I will be posting updates on my training along the way.

I received a great piece of advice the other day that I think applies to every day life as well. Someone told me to not give up just because the training is difficult and to not let fear win. I am a firm believer that nothing in life should come too easy and that you will appreciate what you achieve more if you put in a lot of work to get there.

What is your next goal? Make it something big. Really push yourself. I am more than willing to help you take control of your life and to reach your goal. Do you want to feel healthier? Do you want to be your own boss and make money from the comfort of your home? What are you waiting for?

If you have ever participated in a triathlon or are currently training for one I would love to hear from you! We can swap advice and help each other along the way!

Isagenix Team Connecticut launch party

Do you know someone in Connecticut (or surrounding area) that wants to look and feel younger? Do you know someone that wants to take control of their lives and become financially free?

Send them to this post! Or if it’s you, keep reading!

Please join us as we introduce Isagenix to Connecticut for our first time ever at our Team Connecticut Launch Party. Feel free to invite someone local (or call me directly for an event near you).

We are a Solutions Based Company focusing on the biggest needs of Americans today:
-energy and performance
-youthful aging
-and of course, given the economy, wealth creation