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From Drew’s Blog

2020 Hindsight or 2020 Foresight

If you are lucky enough to be reading this before the year 2020, great, we have some planning to do. If you are reading this post 2020, then you have 2020 hindsight, as the saying goes, and you can use these principles for 1, 3, 5 years out… etc. The goal and purpose is to assist you with living in prepare, rather then in repair. If we work together we can live in preparation of the life we want to live, which is a better choice then repairing how we used to live.

Video training with Mark Harbert: Become a YouTube master part II

Marketing through videos is an incredibly effective tool to clearly communicate with your target audience. I hope you found value in my previous post about video training with Mark Harbert. If you implement this advice and these skills into your daily marketing strategy, you will achieve your goals. Here is some more advice on how to create quality videos that will make you a YouTube master.