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JD Buckridge, The Branding Specialist
I have been working with Drew Berman personally for the last couple of months and it has been a privilege to have coached him, partner with him in business, as well as watch him grow and become the great leader and producer that he is. If you are seeking to learn from someone that just plain knows how to produce and get things done, then you definitely deserve to connect with Drew Berman and learn how to do what he did to get the results that has achieved.
Jeffery Combs – California
You can’t argue about the value that Drew brings to a training session, conversation, or the stage. His energy is powerful and his knowledge and experience is vast and profound. But don’t take our word for it. Listen to these guys. Please stop back for more and more as this list of testimonials is sure to grow significantly.
Adriana Camero Rodriguez
Hi Drew! Just wanted to let you know that I loved your e-book and purchased it the same night you came on Jay's webinar as a guest speaker. I'm nervous just sending this to you because I really admire what you have done and aspire to be as successful as u.
Dr. Henry Sobo
Drew has come through for me, backing up his enthusiasm and passion for what he does, with practical coaching tips he hands down to his team. There is an alignment of Drew’s actions with his purpose and passion that makes him stand out as a team leader. There is a sincerity and honesty that one experiences. Another crucial factor is that Drew makes himself available. When you need the advice he can offer from his experience, Drew is always there for you. You won’t be waiting for a call from someone who makes you feel he’s too busy for you. You’ll get a call from a committed mentor and partner.
Mitja Kadow
I just wanted to say thank you for who you are! As a trainer myself I teach, train and inspire thousands of people around the world and I will tell you – YOU INSPIRE ME! To inspire means to awaken someone's spirit! You did that for me tonight and before on other occasions. THANK YOU!
Ellen Bradley Ganus
There are some people that are born leaders…and heed their calling. Drew Berman is living his purpose, with great passion and dedication to those lucky enough to be partnered with him. His positive attitude is contagious, and you will marvel at his witty and intelligent mind! I was inspired by Drew, from the first moment I met him and I feel privileged to call him my friend.
Dave Schafer, Internet Guru
Drew Berman is a leader of top home business entrepreneurs who exudes boundless energy and magical passion for turning dreams into reality. His creative approach and attitude of success is attractive and empowering. He instills confidence through an engaging style and intelligent expectation that produces results. If you have an opportunity to work with and learn from Drew Berman, DO IT!!!
Erica Combs, Vice President, Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.
Drew Berman has mentored countless entrepreneurs, teaching them the skills and habits required to achieve their dreams through free enterprise. His success has been attained through leading by example – you deserve to follow Drew!
Ron Reid
Drew Berman is one of those individuals who is a true gift to the industry of network marketing. His passion, his integrity, his commitment to grow, his vision of what is possible, epitomize what makes our industry great! Network marketing is a new paradigm of how business is done and how massive success is achieved. Drew Berman has been and continues to be a huge contributor to this very positive shift in our network marketing industry.
Seth Lefferts
A leader has vision, great communication skills, honesty, integrity, humility, and a great sense of humor. Seek and you shall find. Leaders come forward when the need is greatest. A leader makes decisions and takes action and that is what it takes to attain goals. Fortunately, I have found such a leader in Drew Berman.