I teach Network Marketers how to go from hobby income to professional income.
It wasn’t always that way however.

First I was a hot dog vendor, then at 18 I joined the circus – that would be 4 years of college.
Traveled the world and ended up in Real Estate in New York City.
Then I entered the world of Network Marketing and failed miserably for the first five years.
After 5 years struggling I made a decision that changed everything for me in this Industry.
I learned the skills, habits and mindset needed to have success…
Success I had, enrolling over 500 people and growing it to over 15,000.
In my book I wrote that network marketing can be an expensive hobby, or a lucrative business.
(The cool thing is, you get to chose)
When I was 28, I was lucky enough to participate in a 12 month long, 200 person, 6 continent, 35 country- bicycle tour around the world.
Yes, it was epic.
I came home and tried to get back into Real Estate.
It wasn’t working.
So I went to a BNI meeting and a man approached me with a compliment and a question that changed my life forever.

He said “you seem like a sharp guy, are you the type of guy that keeps your options open for additional streams of income”?
I said YES…because who wouldn’t be open to additional streams of income?
He handed me a CD.
It made sense.
I was hooked.
Little did I know I ended up in Amway.
For five years I did whatever my up.-line said.
I was on the tape of the month club- on autoship.
I went to every convention – 4 a year.
And I read 10 pages every day in a personal development book.
I was told to get 2 prospects a day … and one time left my wife as she was putting her cute little pj’s on and went out into a snow storm on the hunt for prospects.
In my best selling book You Online You Offline – How to make a fortune in Network Marketing I talk about the snow storm…
I also talk about the Network Marketing Intervention we had.
After five years I had spent more money on soap and detergent then I had earned.
So I quit.
Then I started studying the Law of Attraction and threw myself into a decade of personal development.
I invested tens of thousands – hundreds of thousands into coaches and mentors and courses… and then finally found success.
Now I teach Network Marketers the habits, skills, and mindset to go from hobby income to professional income.

I finally got myself right.
I matured.
I learned that commission means co- together we are on the same mission.
I only get paid if I solve your needs and problems.
I went from doing something to my prospect to doing something for my prospect.
I went from selling to serving.

And I learned that when what you do, what you want and what you say all is in alignment – that is when the magic happens.
I learned how to talk to my warm market, how to talk to my cold market and how to master the Law of Attraction.
Then everything changed…

…I was able to earn 5 figures in a month, 6 figures in a year and 7 figures in a career in Network Marketing.

Now I have the honor and pleasure of helping others achieve their goals in what I think is the greatest profession in the world.
The business of helping people.
Network Marketing when done right can provide enough income for a car payment, a house payment, a retirement plan, or big income.
Sometimes I go to approach someone and I still get nervous.
Once in a while I will meet a great prospect and forget to follow up.
Often times I will follow up with the perfect prospect and when I call them I get VM.
And, sometimes, I enroll someone thinking they will be the next super star and they enter the witness protection program.
But for the most part I got this game down pact.
I’m busy enough to stay productive.
I’ve created enough freedom and flexibility to have a great lifestyle.

We live a laptop lifestyle.

We took a family trip to Boston last year for the weekend.
No biggie. A lot of people do that.
On Sunday my wife asked if we can stay an extra day.
I looked at my boss in the mirror and go the OK.
Saw the Redsox play the next day with my 10 year old.
Two Yankee fans trapped at Fenway.
That was fun…

..For a Monday.

Network Marketing can create a lifestyle for the Rich and Not So Famous.
It’s pretty cool… when done right.
I learned that most people don’t hit their goals because as they work towards them, the goal is never reached –

…we call this small carrot big stick.
The carrot is too small, and the stick is too long.
But if we work backwards from our goals, and we break them down in to bite size bits, we have more of a chance of hitting them.
I also learned it’s not necessarily about the next deal or sign up or enrollment.
It’s about the big picture, the fun, the community.

I’ve surrounded myself with people who focus more on what they contribute then what they accumulate.
If you get clear on what you want, and you get clear on how to get it, the rest is easy.
Most people don’t succeed in Network Marketing because they treat it as a side project, they can always fall back on what they were currently doing.
Not me. I was all in baby.

Because I was sick and tired of being BBB – I was busy but broke. know what I mean?
(I knew there was a better way)
I found it in Network Marketing.
I look forward to getting to know you.
And I want to hear your story.
The whole thing.
When we are drinking a fruity drink with a little pink umbrella, with our toes are in the sand as we gaze out to the clear blue water, you can tell me the whole story from start to finish.
But for now, let’s just fast forward to the last paragraph of the last page of the last chapter of the book… all I want to know is, does it say “in-spite of it all I did it anyway”
You deserve the best in Network Marketing.
You deserve to have it all.
You. Can. Have. It. All.
Thanks for reading my story, for making it all the way through, as a free gift I’d like to personally invite you to visit NetworkMarketingSuccessSchool.com so I can send you “The 8 steps to recruiting anyone, anywhere and a whole lot more from a multi 6 figure earner in network marketing.” 

To Your Success,

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